Launch project
  • Client: Veritas Funding
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, 3D, Animation, Brand Messaging

Veritas Funding aims to simplify things by providing mortgage solutions and educational services that are informative, seamless, and accessible to everyone. Aiding and educating is their primary goal, and we had the best solution for achieving both.

Show, don’t tell. Most people learn visually and can grasp a concept and hold on to it better when they have a visual cue, we know this, and we employed this beautifully for Veritas.

Thoughtlab partnered with Veritas Funding to modernize their brand and focus on converting clients through an interactive new website, complete with an easy-to-use, attractive online mortgage calculator.

Veritas Funding wants the loan process to be simple and clear; we gave them that with style elements and wow to keep people on the page and convert.

Custom calculators to make the financial stuff easy to follow and understand but with a ThoughtLab eye toward melding functional with fantastic. Colors, shapes, and movement give a spark to a process that is usually relatively subdued.

“Loan Officer” is just a title. We knew Veritas wanted the entire process to be more personal, so instead of a title, we gave them pages to share names, and more…

The custom loan officer page gives customers a chance to know the people they are dealing with, so it can be a more personal experience. And loan officers get an opportunity to show they are human. All done with the exciting design style that permeates the entire site.