Launch project
  • Client: Silks
  • Type: Website
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Copywriting

Game of Silks is real-world thoroughbred horse racing. A place where you build dynasties, where empires are defended, lost, and regained. All with a core business model of strategically building a presence in the $130 million thoroughbred horse racing industry and generating shareholder value.

Silks is immersive and cutting-edge. We knew they needed a website to match all the energy and excitement.

As a ground-breaking addition to the NFT world, we knew Silks was the perfect place to employ cutting-edge front-end development tools like WebGL and back it up with the blockchain's security. With Silks, we give our clients the next phase of the digital marketplace.

The Game of Silks wanted an immersive website that could support an NFT inaugural launch and a look that captured the pulse of thoroughbred racing.

We provided seamless integration of wallet capture and 3rd party apps all through open-source frameworks. Additionally, we gave them interactive models and 3D assets that genuinely bring this exciting game to life. Without patting our backs too hard, we did all this in just three weeks.