Launch project
  • Client: Reach
  • Type: Branding, Website, Web Application
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation, Brand Messaging, Copywriting, Investor Decks

Reach set out to provide superior, supplemental education for grades K through 12 and beyond. They feature diverse, exceptional teachers, transparent lesson progress, and a commitment to global educational change. Knowing the reality that most children are not privileged enough to access quality teachers and education opportunities.

Reach is about making tangible, meaningful changes to how we approach education. Quality, accessibility, and equality are the watchwords for Reach.

Giving parents clear visibility into their children’s education and teaching them a better way to be part of the education process, leveling the field, so those less fortunate don’t have to suffer lousy education because of the social or financial state. Everyone deserves a good, well-rounded education.

Excellent education and a better future are now within reach for some 259 million kids who cannot access basic primary and secondary education.

Reach is here to take charge, so we gave them the tools to be successful. Better UX and UI on their site, a whole brand, and logo design to make them more accessible and easy to engage. Their drive to oust lackluster education is reflected in their exciting branding and website design.

Reach Promo Videos

As part of the overall campaign for Reach we developed both overall promo videos and course-specific promo videos for social platforms.