Launch project
  • Client: Chargeback
  • Type: Branding
  • Deliverables: Rebrand - Identity System

Chargeback partners with brands across every region and through every industry, giving them the right tools to take a stand against every type of fraud. They provide tailored solutions to benefit every customer. Strong, intelligent, and an industry leader, they set the standard for digital trust.

Chargeback was built on intelligent automation and smooth adaptability; topped with years of experience, we knew their brand needed strength.

When you build a brand on trust and safety, your brand has got to project strength, patience, and knowledge. We knew Chargeback had the goods; they just weren’t projecting it with enough power. Their branding did not represent their skills, strength, and experience well.

Chargeback needed branding that protected strength and engendered trust. With all the fraud prevention companies, We ensured Chargeback stood out.

We provided a new logo and designs that purposefully stated strength, reliability, and trust. New colors and fonts gave the brand a new attitude. Our unique branding brought new attention to an industry leader and sent out the clear message that this is a brand that deserves your trust.