Launch project
  • Client: WanderJaunt
  • Type: Website & Video
  • Deliverables: Concept, UX, UI, Design, Development, 3D, Animation, Video, Brand Messaging, Copywriting

Setting yourself apart and above a crowded field is challenging; Wanderjaunt achieved this by offering the broadest selection of homes and ensuring a consistent end-user experience by furnishing and decorating all properties themselves. They were accessible, clean, concise, and a perfect counter to AirBnB.

WanderJaunt tells a story of easy home ownership and management and highlights the services and improvements they offer their partners.

WanderJaunt offers something unique even in a glutted field. Vacation homes lend themselves naturally to storytelling and memory building; we decided there needed to be more than just telling. Showing makes these stories full and rich. So we created a new site that immerses the user in the story.

WanderJaunt's design services help home owners to provide the perfect rental experience.

3D renderings of different interior scenes allowed a cohesive look and feel.

WanderJaunt offers something unique, which drove us to create a website to match their out-of-the-box thinking. We told their story in the scroll.

We created fully custom characters who take unique, animated journeys rendered in real-time to tell the story of what a wandering jaunt across this world should be like. The website and the animations pull users into a story where they are the hero, and a perfect vacation rental is their domain.