Is your brand ready for its close-up? We craft compelling stories to hook your audience and build a following.

Storytelling is just part of our DNA. We love capturing a company's brand essence and telling its story through video. We are a full-service video production agency. From pre-and post-production to all the layers in between, scripting, storyboarding, and editing, we provide think from a different angle to tell your story in a unique way.


From the ideas, the scripts, the storyboard, and casting to sets and locations, we prep your brand video so that everything is ready to go and you’ll get no unwelcome surprises when we get to set. Your idea and vision brought to life by our crack team.

Video Production

Lights, camera, sound, script, talent all the way to craft services. The camera is rolling, the story is being told. From casting talent to finalizing script pages, when production begins, we handle every aspect to make sure your brand story is given the perfect treatment.

Post Production

When the camera stops rolling, we keep working. Post-production means we edit, balance, add graphics, loop, and finalize the entire production. Your brand is the star, and we make sure the masses get the best look possible.




Here we take the idea and put it up on the wall. We find the best story, script it, run it by you, polish it and determine schedules and locations. We discover the best story we can tell about your brand. Then, we put all the pieces in place and get to it.



Design finds us setting the scene, decorating the set, putting branded elements together and on view. A little storyboarding, a little trip to wardrobe, talking with the director of photography to get lighting and mood perfected. So much to do, and we haven’t even set up the camera yet.



Here we’re looking at dailies, setting notes for sound cues, and visual f/x. We take the final shot footage, and we find the story in there. Some things end up on the cutting room floor; anything that doesn’t tell your best brand story gets tossed aside. We sharpen the focus and bring the story to life.



We’ve delivered ideas, scripts, rewrites, storyboards, and now, it all comes together. The final cut. An entirely produced brand video with music, EFX, and credits. A well-told story in video form. A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video, with 24 FPS, 24 images every second, is going to be worth a lot more words, and they’re all about your brand.

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