Launch project
  • Client: Snap Finance
  • Type: Branding
  • Deliverables: Concept, Identity Design, Brand Transformation

Dispelling the myth that low credit means a life of limits. Snap Finance was out to make talking about money no longer hush-hush backroom stuff but out in the open and fun. They combined the big company's strengths and resources with a personal advisor's hands-on treatment.

Snap Finance is genuinely focused on helping people live the life they deserve, with no shame. All rooted in the core value of doing the right thing.

As a new and positive force in the financial world, Snap Finance offered something unique and extremely human. They pulled back the curtain on finance, took the power out of the hands of big money moguls, and gave it back to the people, shattering financial myths.

Snap Finance is genuine, kind, and transparent, striving to make people feel welcome and heard, no matter their financial situation. Engaging in emotions, needs, and quelling fears.

Reflecting on their humanity, concern, and care for those who have been treated poorly by other financial corporations, we gave them a more approachable and fun image. Better colors, ease of use on the website, and a new, open, and caring message, put them right where they wanted to be.